When you are visiting Tallinn, it’s almost impossible not to involve yourself in one of the many festivals taken place nearly every week around the year. Whatever it’s a cheerful beer festival, a delightful opera and ballet festival or the very cosy Christmas market in the old town, you should not miss it when you here. A lot of the festivals are world famous and unique and its likening isn’t to be found elsewhere.

When a city has such a rare treasure as a complete medieval town, it is not surprising that this will be the set for many festivities. One of the many interesting and perhaps most obvious is the Old Town Days held in the beginning in June, and The Medieval Market in early July every year. On these festivities the Medieval traditions are re-enacted. On the streets are minstrels, merchants and fools dressed like the used to be in “the old days”. Craftsmen and musicians and noble citizens are all together mixed for your pleasure strolling on the cobblestone streets.

Sing and you will be free. The Estonian people have a long tradition for singing. It was in fact the singing that released a revolution – The singing revolution – in 1988 that led to the freedom of Estonia three years later. Talking about singing power!
The tradition of singing dates back centuries, but since 1928 there has been concerts and other cultural events at the All Estonian Song Festivals held at the Tallinn Song Festival Ground. It is here you find an enormous stage built to contain 15 000 singers. Every fifth year the general song festivals takes place, the largest choir so far was a union of 25 000 singers. The next one, the 25th, will be held in 2009. Until then the Tallinn Song Festival Ground will hold many other choirs concerts and festivities.

Another kind of singing or music can be enjoyed at the Opera and Ballet Festival held in June. The Estonian National Opera will at those locations performs with quest soloists and conductors.


The largest open air entertainment and music festival in baltic region is the traditional, annual Õllesummer offering more than hundred different types of tasteful chilly brewed beer. This great event draws 80 000 people to the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds (Lauluväljak) where a lot of tents and stages will fill the area with performances and cultural events. Neither is it necessary to go hungry because food stands are serving delicious dishes that preferably can be enjoyed with beer. So if you enjoy good beer appetizing food and nice cheerful people from all over Europe, this is the place to spend a day or two in. If you are not beer-lover, in the jazz garden the audience can enjoy wine, if so preferred, and children can have fun in a playground area called Summimaa.
In 2008 the Õllesummer celebrated its 15th anniversary.
Reed more about the festival at: http://www.ollesummer.ee/eng