A sea cost capital, a rare jewel in the north of Europe in the Gulf of Finland, that’s Tallinn. With one of the most completely preserved medieval cities in Europe it is a precious city on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Once a medieval Hanseatic town and for long periods in history dominated by the Germans, Swedes and Russians, Tallinn today contain lots of influence from those days but still manages to retain an Estonian soul and identity. This is not a huge capital, the population of Tallinn is just over 400,000, but it has it all. A very rich cultural and pleasant atmosphere, and many interesting sights yet to be explored.


With a marvelous concert followed by two spectacular fireworks at New Year´s night in 2011 Tallinn became the official European Capital of Culture. At that same moment Estonia converted from kroon to euro and became the 17th Euro member in the European Union.

The other side of the coin is an important Baltic seaport and a modern city with extra ordinary telecom and Internet solutions. A place for business in the 21st century. Add innumerable diverse cultural events, bargain shopping, five star or budget hotels and a pulsing nightlife and you have a city that is a must to visit when you are in the Baltic Region.