When visit Tallinn it’s almost impossible not to shop. One reason to this is that the shops are very easily to reach from wherever you enter the city. The second reason is perhaps because it’s so cosy in Tallinn. When roaming the shopping streets you’ll find a lot of unique handicraft and some very up to date fashion and designer labels both domestic and foreign.
At Müürivahe Street there’s a knitting wall where you can find hand-knit sweaters as well as hats and mittens, good in winter. Local artists will work for you at Katariina Käikblowing glass or why not quilting. Here are also some fine art boutiques to conquer when strolling on the cobblestone streets in this picturesque city.

Shops are generally open from 9.30 to 18.00 weekdays and from 10.00 to 17.00 on Saturdays. In the city centre many shops will usually be open on Sundays to. If city shopping isn’t one of your favourite doings, there are of course larger department stores and shopping centres with a variety of commodities that might fits you as well.  But Viru Tänav is the main shopping street here in Tallinn.

Antiques (Antiikki)
Unique old Russian religious icons, some more than five hundred years old, mixed with former Soviet military objects are some of the items that’s almost impossible to find at other places than just here in Tallinn. It is of course due to the city’s history that this variety is at place.
Besides that more classical, ordinary objects are to be sighted, many of them local or just from the immediate surroundings. Visiting tallinn gives a unique opportunity to come across some distinctive antiques from this part of the world.