As a modern and well-organised city Tallinn is easy to get around in. Besides the common transportation system known to most people you will also find trolleybuses here. Buses, trolleys and trams operate regularly from 6.00 to 23.00.

Taxi (Takso)
As always when visiting capitals taxi is an option to get around in a very easy way. Since Tallinn isn’t a very big city a ride with one of the taxi companies from one point to another in the city centre should never cost more than 50 or 60 Estonian kroons (2006). Just make sure that there’s a visible meter in the taxi that works and a photo registration card. English is spoken by many of the dispatchers. Taxi’s can easily be ordered by the phone or picked from the street.


From March to October a bicycle taxi called volotaxi will take you around the old town in a manner and pace more appropriate to these historical surroundings.

Getting around by tram is an easy and nice way to travel in Tallinn. You have four routes available operating seven days a week.

In Tallinn you have the somehow unique possibility to travel with trolleys, a trolley bus is a bus powered by overhead electric connections, the buses doesn’t run on tracks like trams but on wheels.

Bus routes operate all over the town. Together with trolleys and trams this makes it very easy to get around to almost any destinations.

Both on buses, trolleys and trams, the routes highlighted with yellow background are friendly to people with reduced mobility by the practice of low floors.

Main Post Office
At Narva mnt 1 you will find the Central Post Office in Tallinn.
Open daily: 7:30 – 20:00
Saturday:  9:00. –  18:00
Sunday: Closed