20070814-t1oJ-mn4w-iIa4One of the Estonian specialities however is Silgusoust, that is Baltic sprats and bacon covered with sour cream sauce. A delicious dish that mix the taste of bacon with that of fish into a smooth flavour.

Another dish is very much because of the geographic location. It’s Marineeritud angerjas, which is marinated eel, served cold. It tastes better than it perhaps looks and haven’t you eaten this before, you just have to try it.
An interesting taste have also keel hernestega – tongue – and Sült, which is boiled pork in jelly.
You should also try traditional non-alcoholic beer kali (kvas), often called “Estonian Coca-Cola”. Coincidentally, one of the most popular brands (“Linnuse Kali”) has been even bought by Coca-Cola Co.