Karlsson on the Roof

A funny and warm musical based on the novel by Astrid Lindgren.

Karlsson is a handsome, thoroughly clever, perfectly plump man in his prime. He lives on the roof behind a chimney, he has a propeller on his back and there is a sign on his door: “Karlsson on the roof. The world’s best Karlsson”. And no one can debate that!
Stage Director Ain Mäeots creates a home for characters like Miss Bock, the scallywags Cosh and Ruffy and a lonely little boy who is looking for something or someone special in his life and who gets exactly that: the world's best Karlsson!

The librettist Wimberg and composer Tauno Aints have turned Astrid Lindgren’s beloved children’s story into a funny and warm musical.
Date & Time
2017-12-20 19:00
2018-01-18 12:00
2018-01-26 19:00
2018-02-09 12:00
2018-02-20 12:00
2018-03-11 12:00
2018-03-28 19:00
2018-04-13 12:00
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