Medea: Estonian National Ballet

Watch the tragic myth unfold on stage, in a new version choreographed by Gianluca Schiavoni.

Gianluca Schiavoni has created a ballet for the dancers of the Estonian National Ballet – a contemporary version of the famous myth of Medea with a new dramaturgy by Marco Gandini, a stunning and symbolic set design by Maria Rossi Franchi and Andrea Tocchio and costume design by Simona Morresi.

Gianluca Schiavoni: “Medea, a sensual and powerful princess of mythical Colchide (a region corresponding to present Georgia), is a seductive sorceress, who abandons her country and her family for her love of a strong and beautiful man called Jason. As a contrast he is not only interested in Medea’s love, but also in getting hold of the Golden Fleece, which is a symbol for power. Medea gains Jason’s love by giving him this symbol of power. Soon she gives birth to two boys. Once she realizes that Jason is betraying her with the King’s daughter of Corinth, Glauce, she decides to take revenge by killing Glauce, and most terrible of all – by killing their own children.”

Staging team

Choreographer and Stage Director: Gianluca Schiavoni (Italy)
Set Designer: Maria Rossi Franchi (Italy), Andrea Tocchio (Italy)
Costume Designer: Simona Morresi (Italy)
Assistant to the Choreographer: Laura Caccialanza (Italy)

Music: Stravinsky, Schnittke, Dead Can Dance

Ballet by Gianluca Schiavoni
Libretto by Marco Gandini

World premiere at the Estonian National Opera on March 13, 2014.
Date & Time
2018-05-25 19:00
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