The Goblin

The first Estonian ballet and Eduard Tubin's first work for musical theatre addresses the topic of greed and asks if there is still room for love in a mercenary society.

The goblin's sole purpose is to obtain riches for his master, the farmer. In this modern rendering of the ballet the goblin is a voice in people's heads telling them why they need more and more money. Soon enough, however, he realizes that money cannot buy happiness and he destroys his master and himself.
This part of the story is contrasted by the storyline of the farmer's daughter who is in love with a peasant.

Tubin has successfully combined folk music elements with contemporary sound and symphonic language. In his words, “The Goblin” is based completely on folk music that provides an inexhaustible treasury”. In 1962, Tubin composed an orchestra suite from the ballet’s music.
"The Goblin" premiered at the Vanemuine Theatre in 1943 and was conducted by the composer himself.

Choreographer and Stage Director: Marina Kesler
Conductors: Vello Pähn, Kaspar Mänd, Lauri Sirp
Costumes Designer: Gerly Tinn
Set Designer: Madis Nurms
Date & Time
2018-02-18 17:00
2018-02-22 19:00
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