Biohacking Meetup Tallinn

Do you want to optimize your health, brain power, fitness, productivity, and overall wellbeing?Biohacking is a term that refers to understanding human physiology and biology with the help of different dietary interventions, technologies, and daily strategies. It's the art and science of becoming superhuman.I want to invite you to the first Biohacking Meetup in Estonia to spread the idea of human optimization.The first meeting is going to be held at the law firm office Narlex (Carl Robert Jacobson 3, Tallinn) on the 30th of May at 18:00Topics discussed:- What is biohacking- Core principles of human physiology- Simplest "biohacks" for every day use- Coffee and tea- Future event scheduling- Networking and learningWith biohacking, you can improve your health, get in peak condition, hone your mental acuity, increase your focus, raise work productivity, promote longevity and wellbeing.Come and meet like-minded people who are interested in maximizing their potential both physically and mentally. If you have any questions about the location or biohacking, then send a message to Siim LandSee you at the meetup!
Date & Time
2018-07-30 18:00
LocationLaw Suite Office NarlexShow on map