On 12 December 1927 General Johan Laidoner, who was to become the first official president, presiding a meeting to start a club in Tallinn. This was to be the very first Royary club in Estonia and the first one in the Baltic States. The inaugural meeting of the club was held on August 2nd, 1930 soon to be followed by Tartu and Nomme in 1934 and 1938. One of the most prominent members of the first club was Konstantin Paets, President of The Republic of Estonia. On October 10th, 1940 the clubs where forced to close and membership terminated due to Soviet authority.

When Estonia sang their way to freedom beginning in 1988 and accomplished 1991, Rotary went back to Estonia with the resurrection of the Tallinn Club followed by Tartu and later on Nomme. The clubs in Estonia are now in District 1420 with Finland.

Rotary Clubs in Tallinn:

20060314-Y7Nr-EAoG-Ne4xTallinn International Rotary Club (Founded 2004)
Monday – 6:30 p.m.
Meetings in English.
Restoran Spot
Vene st 4, Tallinn

Tallinn Vanalinn Rotary Klubi (Founded 1999)
Wednesday – meeting at 5 p.m.
Restoran Le`Bonaparte
Pikk 45, Tallinn

Tallinna Rotary Klubi (Founded 1991)
Thursday – 4 p.m.
Hotel Barons, Suur-Karja 7/ Väike-Karja 2, Tallinn

NõmmeTallinn Rotary Klubi (Founded 1996)
Tuesday – 5 p.m.
Hotel Olümpia, 2nd Floor
Liivalaia 33, Tallinn