Just about 15-20 minutes that’s all it takes to reach a golf club near Tallinn. Whatever you like it sea side or prefer forest play, it’s just around the corner. There are today three clubs offering you pleasant and interesting golf in nice surroundings some with a very historical touch. You can play 9-holes up to a full championship quality 18-holes.

Estonian Golf & Country Club
Manniva, Jõelähtme vald
Harjumaa (Harju county)
Phone +372 609 8241

Suuresta, Rae vald
Harjumaa (Harju county)
Phone +372 660 9700

Tallinn Golf Club Niitvälja
Keila vald
76603 Harjumaa (Harju county)
Eesti Vabariik
Phone +372 678 0454