20070813-JjB8-CSey-GapdLocated in the old town is a nearly 360 year old magnificent ornamented, eye catching door. This door and building belonging to the Brotherhood of the Blackheads is nearly the only preserved renaissance building in Tallinn. The façade was redesigned in Dutch renaissance spirit in 1597.

The purpose of the Brotherhood of Blackheads was to unite young unmarried German merchants before the could get acceptance to the Great Guild. They had chosen St. Maurice, a black officer of the Roman Thebean legion, for their patron. his head is depicted on the coat of arms of the brotherhood.
The archives of the Blackheads are preserved in the Tallinn City Archive, among them documents dated 1400. The last members of the brotherhood left Tallinn in the 1940s as the Soviet occupation forces annihilated them. Today the Brotherhood exists in Hamburg were they was officially registered in 1961.

The house was exceptional in its kind already in the 18th and 19th centuries when high-ranking guests from abroad often received in the guildhall of the Blackheads, as in one of the most unique buildings in Tallinn, both in terms of its interior, as well as habits and customs practiced therein.

When it’s not occupied by concerts or other events it’s open 10.00 – 19.00.